The “Life Blood” of a modern company is its ability to adapt to changing technology and processes. Nisha Textile has a diversified company with a proud history of developing breakthrough technologies that significantly improve the quality of products. We have been changing the world through innovation by integrating technology with market need. The management has always been very open to the adoption of cutting-edge, modern and cost effective technology.

Moving with the time is survival. Moving ahead of time is progress.

Nisha Textile has State-of-Art machines for processing of fabrics, this includes, machines for complete wet processing starting from bleaching to finishing. Some important machines are Automatic Jiggers, Paddles Chainless Mercerizing machine, Micro Raising & Peaching machine, Singeing machine, Corduroy Brushing for continuous and mass production without any variation.

We are having:

  • Continuous mercerise Range
  • All types of dying machines
  • deca machine calendering effect
  • State of the art dyeing & finishing machines
  • Continuous Dyeing Range